1/4 Life is Calvary's college and 20-somethings within the greater Calvary community.  The primary focus of this forum is to learn how to be the next generation of church leaders now. This is done by learning how to live out authentic relationships, wrestling with what it really means to lose your life for Christ and the Gospel, investing in each other through community groups, affecting growth in the multi-generational context and gathering socially. Basically, sharing 4/4 life.  For more information, contact Pastor Alex at: alex@calvary-church.org.


Sunday Morning Life Groups: 9:30am
Sunday Morning Worship Gatherings: 10:30am
1/4 Life Women - Wednesday 7:30pm

Iron Men and 1/4 Life Men Ministries: Wednesday 7:30pm

Renegade Student Ministries: Sunday: 5:30pm
Missions Meeting: 1st Wednesday of each month: 6:00pm
Calvary Fellowship: 3rd Wednesday of each month: 6:00pm
Prayer Meeting: 4th Wednesday of each month: 6:30pm